Bio: I am 77, of East Indian origin, a Canadian resident since 1970, and a citizen. After completing my first masters in mathematical statistics from Delhi University, and teaching there as well, I left New Delhi in September 1965 on a small scholarship offered by the British Council of Social Sciences for another masters in econometrics and quantitative methods from Manchester University (U.K.). After successfully completing this degree, moved on to Bristol University to pursue further research to obtain a doctorate as well as teach statistics to graduate students. I didn't receive the doctorate degree as the examiner wanted some changes made in the unsupervised thesis, and for which I had no more time. After a little more than three years in Bristol, I won a public competition for a job at the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, now known as Statistics Canada. I came to Ottawa on January 16, 1970, and joined the Bureau on January 19th. During my tenure at Statistics Canada, I was engaged in research on earnings, incomes, wealth, expenditures, labour market participation of Canadians and their families. Comparing Canadians' situation with those in other countries like the United States was always closer to my heart. Findings of this research, published by Statistics Canada, as part of federal government studies, were well received by the media, researchers and policy makers in both the public and private sectors, including banks and other financial institutions. During my tenure at StatCan I was able to publish tens and tens of comprehensive reports and analytic papers. Even the last paper, a week before my retirement from Statistics Canada on March 30th, 2012, was cited in New York's Dow Jones paper. See the list of my published work on my site as well in Appendix III of my book titled "A Writer's Journey Through the Bureaucratic Maze: A True Account". As an analyst, I have good quantitative, analytic skills, well-versed with social, demographic, and economic issues affecting households. I have a good working knowledge of SAS, excel, power point, and word. My special areas of interest/expertise, as reflected by these publications, included employment and earnings by gender, dual-earner families, income/wealth distributions, their inequality, savings behaviour in terms of types of assets held and debts owed, consumption expenditure, and public and private pensions. One of the highlights of my career at StatCan has been the opportunity to be a member of the team visiting the World Bank in Washington to present a proposal on conducting income and other surveys in Sub-Saharan Africa - a part of developmental project partly backed by Canada. After retirement, I changed my interest to writing fiction/non-fiction, and also created a blog site with posts on current social, demographic, and economic topics. Each post is kept to 1,000 - 1,500 words for short and sweet comprehension. I began writing my debut erotic romance fiction on April 25, 2014, and witnessed its release in both digital and print versions by Amazon.com on August 4, 2016. The digital version is also available at kindle, draft-to-digital (D2D), nook, kobo, and iBooks. This fiction is now available at the Ottawa Public Library (OPL). One can borrow it for three weeks at a time; right now, there's no limit on renewals. My second book - a non-fiction - titled "A Writer's Journey Through the Bureaucratic Maze: A True Account" was released in June 2017. Like the previous book, it's available at amazon.com and other retail outlets of e-books including kindle and i-books. I am pleased to announce the release of my third book - a fiction - titled "Minimum Payment." Released in June 2018, the fiction contains a heart-touching tale of families ravaged by rising personal debt on one hand, and the changes in the job market due to the surging technology and outsourcing of jobs, on the other. I write under my pen name - 'Paul Shona'. Both of these books were quoted in the short write-up in the August 3rd, 2017 issue of the Orlean's Community News. Also, in October 2017, I was interviewed on my book "A Writer's Journey Through the Bureaucratic Maze: A True Account. Its transcripts are available at my site http://www.rajchawla6.com and on my facebook page 'Quest for Second Sex'. I am working hard on learning about the marketing of books. Many writers are not that good marketeers. I am no exception. However, sooner or later, I am going to find my way. Marketing is not new to me. I ran a mail order business for almost ten years, selling skill development products on books, audios, and videos. Skills ranged from riding a mountain bike, use of a sewing machine, to extinguishing fires in oil wells. I sold products from coast-to-coast. This business venture, that taught me a lot about marketing, pricing, public relations, was eventually closed because of the advent of the Internet - as no body wanted to pay for something freely available on-line. I firmly believe in volunteering my time to help the community. I have served as chair to PTA and School Council of schools that my kids attended. Also served as a trustee and chair of the Township of Cumberland's public library, as director of the board overseeing Cumberland's public housing. Also, served as a trustee of the Southern Ontario Library Services board. Currently, I am a member of Ottawa Health Science Network Research Ethics Board (OHSN-REB) of the province of Ontario, overseeing the ethical and methodological issues relating to the clinical trials conducted by hospitals including Ottawa's renowned Heart Institute. Effective September 2016, I am equally involved in Ontario wide clinical trials. I find this work quite challenging and mentally stimulating. But my real love of writing continues. I am hoping to see the release of my next book - another fiction with a tale weaving around vital social issues in vogue - by late 2018 or early 2019. As a writer, I should keeping writing to preserve my creativity, passion, and serenity. The plan to open up a business of copywriting is under way. I can be reached at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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