I am pleased to announce the release of my debut erotic romance fiction Quest For Second Sex. Both its digital and print versions are available from I penned it as Paul Shona. To order a copy, click at the following link. The digital version is available at $5.99 and print at $21.99.

Cover of fiction

Cover of fiction

The digital edition is also available from, nook, kobo, apple, and iBooks.

Fiction’s Blurb

This erotic romance tells the story of a professional young man searching for a beautiful and attractive woman of his dream to satiate his ever-growing and burning lust. His search continues in four cities spread over three continents – South East Asia, Europe, and North America. He sexually engages with women who believed strictly in oral rather than conventional sex before marriage, and with those, virgin and nymphomaniac, who wanted sex without any barriers. Read how he was able to satisfy not only his sexual appetite, but also of all the women of different cultures he bedded for both oral and conventional sex. Read about his secret to bring women to bursting orgasm, so much so, that they would demand more and more … of it. During all such sexual hook-ups, did he ever find his real true love, his dream woman?

Read on …

You are welcome to contact the author at, or you can leave comments direct on the author’s page at

Tags Romance, Erotic, Sex, Hookups, Intimate relationship, inter-cultural, Sexual interludes

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